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Environmentally Controlled Hydroponic Agriculture

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We support local farms by branding, selling, and distributing locally grown produce within a 400 mile radius.  We ensure every head of lettuce passes inspection and utilizes the latest techniques in PTI food traceability.  Our produce arrives to distribution sites within 48 hours of harvest and remains at peak freshness up to 18 days after harvest.


The farms we work with employ individuals with barriers to employment and operate within blighted cities to bring economic stimulus to their local communities.


By supporting our brand you are ensuring local farms stand a chance against corporations that care more about your money and less about the produce you and your family consume.  Our local farms pay their employees substantially higher than minimum wage - by an average factor of 5.00 USD more an hour.


So what are you waiting for? Pick up our fresh produce at a store near you and eat fresh while supporting a great social mission!

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